vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

Visul lui Gerontius

"The Dream of Gerontius" (Visul lui Gerontius) este un poem scris de John Henry Newman.

Ex umbris et imaginibus in veritatem!
De la umbre si de la imagini, in sfarsit, la adevar!

Textul poemului m-a trimis foarte tare cu gandul la Bardo Thodol (starea bardo- un fel de vis dupa moarte, iar scopul textului bardo este de a trezi adormitul la REALITATE, la o stare de constiinta supraterestra):


"I WENT to sleep; and now I am refreshed.

A strange refreshment: for I feel in me

An inexpressive lightness, and a sense

Of freedom, as I were at length myself

And ne’er had been before. How still it is!

I hear no more the busy beat of time,

No, nor my fluttering breath, nor struggling pulse;

Nor does one moment differ from the next.

I had a dream; yes: — someone softly said “He’s gone;”

and then a sigh went round the room.

"Softly and gently, dearly-ransomed soul, In my most loving arms I now enfold thee, And, o’er the penal waters, as they roll, I poise thee, and I lower thee, and hold thee, And carefully I dip thee in the lake, And thou, without a sob or a resistance, Dost through the flood thy rapid passage take, Sinking deep, deeper, into the dim distance. Angels, to whom the willing task is given, Shall tend, and nurse, and lull thee, as thou liest; And Masses on the earth and prayers in heaven, Shall aid thee at the Throne of the most Highest. Farewell, but not forever! Brother dear, Be brave and patient on thy bed of sorrow; Swiftly shall pass thy night of trial here, And I will come and wake thee on the morrow."

Am visat odata ca ma tot striga (in vis) o persoana foarte draga sufletului meu, care a plecat dintre noi! I-am raspuns: "sunt aici! Pot sa va imbratisez?" Mi-a raspuns: " dar tu de ce crezi c-am venit?" M-a imbratisat apoi mi-a spus, senin si cu un zambet misterios pe chip: "habar nu aveti voi ce-i dincolo!" Si am sa ma opresc aici. Noapte buna! :)

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  1. pfuu..."habar nu aveti voi ce e aici"...
    no comment.

  2. mda... si, de cate ori visez cu oameni care au plecat "dincolo" trec o apa :) fie pe un pod, fie printr-un tunel :)))