joi, 8 decembrie 2011


"You know that there is a boat that goes to the land of dreams

Down there where it’s hot, where the sky is marvelous
You know that at in the end this world
Oh yes the people sow
Some millions of seeds of joy where here grows the hatred
I was told it little boy

Down there they remove your chains
They give you a life
Without throwing you in the arena
Like here everything small
You’re plunged into a live where you lose your breath quick
Then without hesitating
I jumped into the sea
To rejoin this vessel
And see at last this world
Down there too many lights I had to close my eyes
But alone the smells
Were filling all my vows

Just wanna be free in my world
Vivere nella liberta

Then a little girl, as beautiful as the nature itself
Took me by the hand and said to me, followed this adventure
They were even saying, oh yes that the sea was envying her
That the mountain bent to let her pass
She took me far away with a gentleness without end
And her browned curls freed that perfume
Who since the years was guiding that way, your way, my way, the way

To arrive finally at those baby dreams
Who don’t have limits like those nowadays
I saw some dolphins swimming in a sky of cotton
Where from the flowers were flying, caressing the horizon
I saw from the trees to grow [?]
I saw trees growing, replacing the skyscrapers"

Chiar a trebuit sa inchid ochii din cauza Luminii... :)

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