vineri, 6 noiembrie 2009

Anybody Listening?

Mai, oi fi fost eu rockerita in adolescenta, dar abia acum ma prind cu ce formatii si mesaje rezonam... cum am ajuns tocmai in aceasta perioada sa mai leg o imagine in puzzle? Uitasem complet de cantecele astea :)

Is there anybody listening?

You and I long to live like wind upon the water
If we close our eyes we'll maybe realize
There's more to life than what we have known
And I can't believe I've spent so long
Living lies I knew were wrong inside
I've just begun to see the light

Long ago there was a dream,
had to make a choice or two

Leaving all I loved behind
for what nobody knew

Stepped out on the stage
A life under lights and judging eyes
Now the applause has died
and I can dream again...

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone that sees
what's going on?

Read between the lines,
criticize the words they're selling

Think for yourself and feel the walls
Become sand beneath your feet

Fell the breeze?
Time's so near you can almost taste the freedom
There's a warm wind from the south
Hoist the sail and we'll be gone
By morning this will all seem like a dream
And if I don't return to sing the song, maybe just as well
I've seen the news and there's not much I can do... alone

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone who smiles without a mask?
What's behind the words- images
They know will please us
I'll take what's real
Bring up the lights

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anyone that sees
what's going one?... "

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