luni, 3 octombrie 2011

in her absence

Nu umbrele sunt cele care incearca sa ne sfasie. Am putea trai bine mersi cu ele, ascultandu-le, daca nu ne-ar strafulgera din cand in cand gandul ca am putea fi mai mult decat umbra pe fata pamantului. Nu, nu umbrele sunt acelea care ne sfasie existenta aceasta marunta, ci lupta pe care o ducem cu ele, in speranta ca intr-o buna zi isi vor insusi smerenia si buna cuviinta...

"She surfs in my body
from the bottom of my heart
to the tip of my horn
and back again

sometimes she takes a break

in my pancreas she drinks her coffee
sometimes she stops for a sandwich
around my kidness

in her absence
I am happy for a short while
I think that I might have freed myself
but within seconds
she is back on the move

floating in my blood vessels

she is heavy
she scratches my inside
I am bleeding to death
and she is happy."

Gilad Atzmon

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